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We’re proud New Yorkers at the helm of B&D Trap BBQ

Kevin Rodriguez — Operating Partner

“I’ve honed my hospitality skills in the fast-paced restaurant and hotel industry across Miami, New York, and Dublin. I’ve called Broward home for several years, but meanwhile, I’ve traveled all over the country tasting BBQ. I’m proud to serve you the best flavors of authentic Texas BBQ in South Florida.”

Orelle Young — Pitmaster

“I started my journey at Hill Country Barbecue in NYC, just a few blocks away from where I grew up. My take on BBQ: You eat meat for its unique flavor. My rubs amplify the flavor of the meat,  instead of cover it. Here at B&D Trap BBQ, I make sure you can taste each cut of meat-—be it ribs or brisket—smoked low and slow over post oak.

My 15-year journey as a pitmaster through the U.S., London, Dubai, and beyond, has allowed me to weave traditional Texas Barbecue with international inspiration. I’ve showcased my skills on Food Network Canada’s “FireMasters” and on Sergio Herman’s “Mijn Pop-Up Restaurant.”


Pulled Pork Sandwich

Texas Barbecue was established over a century ago (1900s) in central and south Texas, also known as the Hill Country. Some of the most important towns that cultivated the traditional techniques and flavors are Lockhart, Elgin, Luling, and Taylor. Many of the families that owned the butcher shops were second-generation German immigrants that traditionally preserved and enhanced the flavor of meats by smoking them to prevent waste.

Smoke pits were made out of bricks, scrap metal, and wood with one end housing a fire box filled with burning Texas post oak wood and the other end with a chimney. This setup allowed hot air to evenly flow across the meats, cooking them low and slow. These Smoke Pits would stretch the whole length of the butcher shop in some cases. As the popularity of these meats grew, separate buildings were constructed to house customers who wanted to sit down and dine onsite, establishing some of the first barbecue restaurants in America. Some of my personal favorites are Louie Mueller’s Barbecue, Kreuz Market, Smitty’s, Black’s BBQ, and Southside Market.

Beef Brisket

What sets Texas barbecue apart from other regions is the simplicity of the ingredients, low temperatures, and the type of wood. Many of the traditional Texas dry rubs consist of crushed black peppercorns and coarse salt. The fattier the cut of meat, the better the flavor. As the meat smokes in the 200F-250F range, the fat melts and circulates throughout the meat, softening the protein fibers and absorbing the dry rub. The fat and dry rub also create a dark rich crust on the surface of the meat that traps in the juices, slowly braising the meat. Texas post oak is the traditional wood used for Texas barbecue. Oak produces a more subtle flavor of smoke in comparison to apple, cherry, pecan, and hickory. It’s very dense, burns slowly, and absorbs just the right amount of moisture in humid climates.


All of these factors help maintain steady cooking temperatures below 300F. At B&D Trap BBQ we use a locally sourced white oak that is similar to Texas post oak. We store it outdoors to become seasoning by the South Florida humidity, this produces the right amount of smoke for our meats.

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